The project includes reconstruction of the intersection at IL 59 and Grand Avenue that realigns Washington Street to meet IL 59 south of Grand Avenue. A new signalized intersection will be added on IL 59 at the realigned Washington Street connecting to Grant Community High School. The IL 59 and Grand Avenue intersection will have left-turn lanes on three legs and a southbound right-turn lane. The IL 59 and Washington Street intersection will have left-turn lanes on all legs and a southbound right-turn lane into the high school. The project also includes sidewalks and multi-use paths.

The intersection has several existing deficiencies which include traffic congestion and the lack of left-turn lanes on IL 59 which lead to difficulty maneuvering the intersection. The roads are both on a skew, making it difficult to manage the intersection. Traffic at this intersection is a combination of local, regional, and recreational traffic. Adjacent businesses, schools, and public facilities, such as the Police, Fire, and Public Works Departments all utilize this intersection on a daily basis.

The project is being facilitated by the Lake County Division of Transportation.  The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) has jurisdiction over IL 59, and the Village of Fox Lake has jurisdiction over Grand Avenue and Washington Street.